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Throughout the end of August I was moving into the new place – no carpets, gas stove, and we are +2 kitties. Downsides – but worth it – no AC (we got window units). And it’s an older building so, electricity is a bit uppity. (Nothing some well placed UPS’ can’t fix for the most part.)

So! Onto the tour!

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The kitchen. It seems small, but has at least 1/3 more the amount of cupboard space as the old place, and since there will are 1-less persons here, plenty of room. (check out the flip up extra counter/table space as well!)

Other side of kitchen.

Other side of kitchen.

And another view:



Next room over is the dining room – which we are using as an half office / my bar table by the window. It’s nice though, because it is in it’s own room, and not pretty much part of the kitchen like the last place. Those are more cupboards in the dining room. So even more space! Viewing into our living room, and the entry way door.

From the dining room

View From the Dining Room

Viewing through the living room to the dining room from the entry!

View from the Entry

View from the Entry

From the entry to and looking the other way down the hall! Door right, roommates room. Left, closet, then linen closet. Around corner, bathroom, my room.

View from the Entry - Looking down the hall

View from the Entry - Looking down the hall

Then a view of my room. (This is only the one half, there is another half with a closet and everything but HAH. You don’t get to see that!)

My Bedroom

And there you have it. Maybe I’ll put some more up after we unpack the rest of the way.

To tide you over – a pic of my desklamp.

My new lamp!

New lamp!

<input ... >

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